Testimony – Krunal Patel


Krunal – 31 October 2017


Krunal – 2 May 2018

What was your reason for starting personal training?
I needed help with Type 2 diabetes management and was required to change my lifestyle. I was originally able to control diabetes and lose weight (around 9Kg) with an aggressive diet and sugar control but I felt very weak was not eating proper food. After I had lost control of my routine due to a personal problem I started gaining weight again. I then decided to put my focus back on health and joined the gym again to become fit and lose fat. Although I was going to the gym every day for 4 months, I couldn’t see much difference so I started personal training sessions with Stephen.


What was your main goal?
My main goal was to lose fat (I wanted a flat belly) and to become fitter. Diabetes management was important too and Stephen understood that.


How did you feel before you started personal training?
Before starting training with Stephen, I was going to the gym every day for an hour. I had no fixed routine of exercises because I had no idea about which exercise I should do. Though I was going to the gym, I didn’t see much difference and figured I should just give up on my goal. Once I started personal training, I was no longer worried about figuring out what exercise I had to do or whether I was doing it right (Stephen is there to correct that). I was excited about starting a structured exercise plan and being able to achieve my goal.


How do you feel now?
After a few months training, people around me started noticing changes and often complimented me. Now, I feel even more motivated and positive. After 6-7 months of training the changes are very noticeable. My blood sugar is almost back to that of a non-diabetic, which means it is under control.


How did working with me help you to achieve your goals?
Stephen plans and designs the right exercise routine, considering my goals… and I can see the results. I have already lost over 8kg of body fat and look more fit than before. I have also lost 10cm off my waist since January 2018. He keeps notes on my progress and changes the exercise routines accordingly. He also provided me further suggestions as required, like organising a dietitian (who helped me further manage my diabetes) and a physio for my shoulder.


What is your favourite exercise?
Lat pull-down, seated row and T-bar row are my favourite exercises.


What is the best part of the service?
Stephen is very flexible when it comes to setting up sessions. He also provides free group fitness sessions in the park for his clients, and includes guidance for diet, recovery after exercise, and injury prevention and management etc. as part of the service. All personalised.


What would you say to other men (and women of course) who might need a trainer to help reach their fitness goals?
You need constant support and motivation to reach your goal, with the help of a personal trainer, you will stay focused on your goal and achieve it faster than yourself.


Would you recommend me to other people and why?
I would recommend Stephen as your personal trainer since he focus on individual and customize their training depending on their goal. Not only does he help in training sessions, but he also monitors the progress of my other exercise and diet, providing suggestions when required.


Anything else in general?
Stephen is very positive and one of the nicest people I have met. He is very professional and does volunteer community work, which may not be known to others.

Krunal testing my own endurance in an outdoor session together.
Krunal testing my own endurance in an outdoor session together.