An idea, that within us all lies an untapped potential. The potential for change. The potential for growth. The potential to achieve that which you once thought impossible. Where clients are friends for life and the journey doesn’t end when the last weight rests. The connection to the idea is innate.
It exists within us all.
Strong body. Strong mind… Strength Being™.

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“I started my journey just like you. I wanted to make a change. Having to overcome challenges with food and bad habits such as smoking.

There are no illusions here, just an ordinary person with a passion for fitness. My expertise comes from years of learning and practical application of that knowledge. I walk the talk, exposing myself to various training methods.

My aim is to educate you about fitness and help you enjoy your life more fully. I created my brand as I believe we all have an inner strength. A “being” waiting to be released. I believe that your mind and your body work hand-in-hand and that they both must to be nurtured to reach your potential.

Remember, you don’t need to be fit to get started
… that’s what I am here for.

You just need to get started!”

Personal Coach/Director

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Success Stories

Testimonials from our valued clients.

Renee Clark
I started training with Strength Being for two reasons. I had a wedding coming up, which was great because it set a timeline for me to lose weight, and because I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS was affecting my ability to fall pregnant and weight loss was really the only treatment to be able to fall pregnant naturally since PCOS can’t be cured. Read More
IT Consultant
I needed help with Type 2 diabetes management and was required to change my lifestyle. I was originally able to control diabetes and lose weight (around 9Kg) with an aggressive diet and sugar control but I felt very weak was not eating proper food. After I had lost control of my routine due to a personal problem I started gaining weight again. I then decided to put my focus back on health and joined the gym again to become fit and lose fat. Although I was going to the gym every day for 4 months, I couldn’t see much difference so I started personal training sessions with Stephen. Read More
Amy Qi
Being a newbie never having been to a gym, I had absolutely no knowledge about strength or resistance training. I tried my very first personal training with Stephen as a complimentary session when I first joined and ever since then I was hooked. Read More

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